What a month!

January was probably one of the looongest months  I have ever experienced.

It had its ups and downs especially when it comes to financial difficulties. Like I was so broke after January 15, I could not wait to get paid – a very humble experience for me.

Despite my personal struggles  with Januworry – for sport the month proved to set the tone for the rest of the year.

Here are some of my sport highlights for the first month of 2017.

  1. Serena Williams  winning her 23rd Grand Slam title in Australia. In doing so,  the American  surpass Steffi Graf’s Open era mark and secured her seventh Melbourne title.  Returning to the world number in her custom made Aid Jordans 1s… now isn’t that cute….

    Australian Open 2017 - Women's Champion Photocall

    Serena Williams

2.  The Springbok Sevens winning the Wellington leg of the World Rugby Sevens Series. In Cape Town the Blitbokz narrowly lost out on lifting the trophy. England’s heroic performance in the final put a stop to much of the homefans proceedings… Fast forward to January 30, 2017 the Blitzboks redeem themselves and pinched the Wellington Sevens trophy in style. They cruised past tournament favourites Fiji and extended their lead on the overall standings.

2017 Wellington Sevens

Justin Geduld & Rosco Speckman

3. Eddie Jones’ black eye at the Six Nations Launch. The England head coach Eddie Jones was spotted with a nasty blow and when ask by the media how he obtained the bruising, the coach stated that he slipped in the bathroom at his home. However later that day the coach indicated the injury had arisen during England’s recent training camp in Portugal.

“We’ve had a bit of fun in the Algarve, we’ve had a really good training camp,” he said in a TV interview.

The question remains: Did  the England boss slip or was he pushed?


Eddie Jones

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Come on 2017!


Me in cape town

He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right’ by Confucius

It’s the new year and again time for all that “New year, new me” shenanigans which I adore so much.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to regroup and set aside some new goals you want to achieve. However, we should be careful not to let one day determine the rest of the year.

According to an article written by Amy Morin in Forbes only 8% of people make their New Year’s resolutions stick.

Yes, the statistics are shocking.

Therefore, when drawing up New Year’s resolutions try to focus more on your mental strength and get in touch with your feelings the rest will follow pursuit.

I recently watched a video clip of a four-year-old little girl explaining that there are 365 days available to us where we can choose to change. She also went onto to explain that every time we choose to stay calm, love instead of hate –  it’s when we choose to do the right thing instead of just choosing to do the easy thing.

If a four-year-old already has the capacity to understand the concept of change and goals, there is no reason for us old folks not to get it.

So, while you setting up your New Year’s resolutions please be mindful of the other 364 days available to you where you can decide what action you going to take.

Be fully aware that everything you dream of or your goals you want to achieve is attainable. You should just adjust your mind set and know that everything you thought of is possible. It may not take a month or even a year but eventually if you truly want to achieve something you can.

And if in January you found yourself still not achieving your new set of goals still be proud of yourself because in the end it is all about trying not quitting when its gets difficult.  Nothing worth doing was ever easy, unless you are one of the Kardashians… (I just had to, sorry to all the K-world supporters).

Returning to the moral of my story. Enjoy life, while you training for that summer body or looking for that ideal job take time to be relish the ride and remember be happy!

Lilly fresh

keep it cute


Bridesmaid conundrums!

My best friend from high school is getting married!

Great news and obviously, the duty of Maid of honor has been bestowed upon me… Super excited! Not only because of the wedding but because I know she gets to spend the rest of her life with her dream guy – that God and I personally picked out for her.

Yeah, if I think about it I’m sort of a cupid just cuter and a little but more nosier.

The first time her fiancé asked me for her number back in high school I could not stop smiling… after school I informed her – I am going to give your number to Luke.

With or without her permission I gave the number and just thought that they would be perfect together. However, Luke* took his time like most things in his life, but with my pestering and perseverance… the bitches waited till I graduated to start dating.

And like all romantic comedies the high school sweethearts lived happily ever after…

Okay they are not there yet we still need to plan a wedding.  

After receiving that news, few days later my cousin blew up my phone with an important message she has to deliver in person. I just knew that she got engage but never knew she would asked me to share this amazing experience with her.

And off cause the good person that I am, I said ‘yes I would be your bridesmaid,’

So basically, I have been in a few weddings and still have a few to go and to tell you the truth… it puts a dent in a person’s pocket.

Think about it, it the dress, the shoes, the manicure, the hair and the bridal showers its expensive. If I didn’t love them this much I would not hesitate to say hell no…  

Luckily so far I have been blessed with no bridezillas. These brides are fully aware of the financial obligations and have tried alter their expectations which I personally appreciate.

Despite the high cost, I would not have it any other way.

I love being there for them!

Sharing that special day with my cousin and then my best friend as they start a new chapter in their respective books  are going to be priceless!!!

bridemaid-the-moviepic: bridesmaids the movie


pic: pinterest


My Colorful Day

My friends and I recently attended the Color Run at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town and it was amazing!

It’s known as the Happiest 5k on the planet and indeed it was!

The fact that fitness can be this much fun and enjoyed by so many, gives me hope that one day we will have a world where health is the norm. It is  kids-friendly event, so I advise any parent with a child under the age of 10 to attend because entry is free for kids.

Thank you Cape Town for an amazing day!



Love sport, respect me!

In the wake of the All Blacks triumphs on the field and disgusting behaviour off the field, a person wonder how much respect does sportsmen really have for women.

The All Blacks rugby team are treated like royalty and indeed they are – they have proven to be the best rugby team in the world, with their recent achievement being a record of 17 consecutive wins. Steve Hansen’s troops achieve this goal  in style breaking another record by beating the Springboks 57-15 in South Africa.

However, off the field, the behaviour of these young men have one really worried. With scandal after scandal hitting New Zealand rugby.

1 The stripper’s allegations that Chiefs players sexually assaulted her during a team night out at the Mad Monday celebrations.
2 Promising teenager Losi Filipino vicious street attack on four people, including two women, in Wellington.
3 All Black scrumhalf Aaron Smith admitted a recent toilet tryst with a mystery woman at a busy airport in Christchurch.
4 A Mid Canterbury Union player has been stood down after he was charged with assault with intent to commit rape.

While we can easily list all the New Zealand rugby players faults, I bet there are worst things happening elsewhere, which involve sports stars.   Like boxer Floyd Mayweather’s violent past against women, the death of Reeva Steenkamp at the hands of South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius.

The core problem is how do sports stars view women?

Are women simply there to entertain the overachieving team who just won a title, is she merely there to fit the role as the trophy wife (his fan where millions of women wait in line just to be the next Mrs).

We give teams like Manchester United (football), Barcelona (football), and New Zealand godlike status and excuse their behaviour because a win means more than anything to else.

It’s time we change the sexist sporting culture which we inherited. The male athlete ideology is driven by masculinity, which encourages  rude and aggressive behaviour, pornography consumption or the encouragement of group drinking.

Teach young men to value and respect women and teach young women to respect and value themselves.

For years women have struggled to gain equal opportunity and we have made loads of strides but unfortunately, there are some underlying issues we need to look at.

It’s not going to change immediately but we have to make small changes to get to the long-term goal as a society.

Support female athletes and do not make excuses for high profile male sports stars.  Sport is an entity loved by many and can be used as a vehicle to address issues such as violence against women.
Additional Source: http://www.itaintnecessarilyso.org & rugby365.com

Being single in my early 20’s

As I approach 26 I still find myself single.

I’ve been single throughout my teens and 20’s and there are times when I feel maybe I do want a boyfriend but then I think of all the things I have to change –  and found myself just loving my single life.

I think being single in your early 20’s is great and I would not have it any other way.

I did have the random friends, acquaintances and close friend but it was never really a boyfriend.

I had one best or close platonic friendship at University, he was one of those people I could see myself dating. However, that didn’t last and since then I could not see any other person worth settling down for.

And it was during this time I just decided to first accept my singlenism and just enjoy it.

And no before you think I’m a slut I did not have sexual relations with any of these guys, I’m still a virgin thank God my mum and dad – the Reverend and his first lady –   have instilled good Christian values in me that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I always keep it classy with a dash of sexy.

Living in Cape Town is just the best thing because here is such a variety of males that a girl can’t help but get a little twirly every time she had some of those pinks drinks and some tequila shots.

So with this buffet menu on the table, I indulge in a little bit of everything.  The Rastafarian, the only thing we had in common was Bob Marley and I liked his dreads. The foreigner who did not speak a word of English while there was also a cute friend who happened to just stay a friend.

As I approached my mid 20’s I realise that all these contacts and friendships I had built have taught me that I am a really fun person –  anything but boring.

Furthermore, I’m not encouraging turning into a club slut, I am encouraging being comfortable with your own company. Liking who you are!

And that is what I am.

Yes, now and then when you see that wedding invitation from a high school friend, then it hits you like a tonne of bricks – You are alone. And its normal to feel that way.

However, it is about picking yourself back up and going to that wedding with plus one or not.

Being single for me isn’t just always a party and all about the fast life it’s about being comfortable with you and discovering who you are first before inviting someone else to join your craziness.

Being Comfortable with reading ‘A Good Women’ by Daniel Steel and drinking a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.  Comfortable with attending a rugby match with my parents. Comfortable with watching the Notebook literary 10 times, laughing at New Girl and Friends and even standing in the grocery line on a Friday evening with one bottle of wine while the cashier is giving you the sad eye as she packs your winegums, jellybabies, popcorn with sourworms and wine in a bag.

It is at that moment is where I am most happy.

Because at that moment that is exactly what I want to do, not what I have to.

And maybe I will found someone soon or maybe not. All I know is that if he is on his way it’s going to be an amazing encounter.

 For now I’m just enjoying being me and my 20’s

Sun, sea, Sand is pure happiness

Just walk barefoot on the beach, surround yourself with nature’s beauty.

Winter is indeed upon us, and I do love it!

But I have to admit, I do miss my time in the sun. Cape Town indeed looks perfect in winter, but somehow during summer its just comes to life.

Its just that opportunity to walked at seaside not having to freeze of all your toes.

That is it people enjoy every moment that you in. Be truly present before you miss the greatest thing ever!!!