Being single in my early 20’s

As I approach 26 I still find myself single.

I’ve been single throughout my teens and 20’s and there are times when I feel maybe I do want a boyfriend but then I think of all the things I have to change –  and found myself just loving my single life.

I think being single in your early 20’s is great and I would not have it any other way.

I did have the random friends, acquaintances and close friend but it was never really a boyfriend.

I had one best or close platonic friendship at University, he was one of those people I could see myself dating. However, that didn’t last and since then I could not see any other person worth settling down for.

And it was during this time I just decided to first accept my singlenism and just enjoy it.

And no before you think I’m a slut I did not have sexual relations with any of these guys, I’m still a virgin thank God my mum and dad – the Reverend and his first lady –   have instilled good Christian values in me that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I always keep it classy with a dash of sexy.

Living in Cape Town is just the best thing because here is such a variety of males that a girl can’t help but get a little twirly every time she had some of those pinks drinks and some tequila shots.

So with this buffet menu on the table, I indulge in a little bit of everything.  The Rastafarian, the only thing we had in common was Bob Marley and I liked his dreads. The foreigner who did not speak a word of English while there was also a cute friend who happened to just stay a friend.

As I approached my mid 20’s I realise that all these contacts and friendships I had built have taught me that I am a really fun person –  anything but boring.

Furthermore, I’m not encouraging turning into a club slut, I am encouraging being comfortable with your own company. Liking who you are!

And that is what I am.

Yes, now and then when you see that wedding invitation from a high school friend, then it hits you like a tonne of bricks – You are alone. And its normal to feel that way.

However, it is about picking yourself back up and going to that wedding with plus one or not.

Being single for me isn’t just always a party and all about the fast life it’s about being comfortable with you and discovering who you are first before inviting someone else to join your craziness.

Being Comfortable with reading ‘A Good Women’ by Daniel Steel and drinking a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.  Comfortable with attending a rugby match with my parents. Comfortable with watching the Notebook literary 10 times, laughing at New Girl and Friends and even standing in the grocery line on a Friday evening with one bottle of wine while the cashier is giving you the sad eye as she packs your winegums, jellybabies, popcorn with sourworms and wine in a bag.

It is at that moment is where I am most happy.

Because at that moment that is exactly what I want to do, not what I have to.

And maybe I will found someone soon or maybe not. All I know is that if he is on his way it’s going to be an amazing encounter.

 For now I’m just enjoying being me and my 20’s


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