Bridesmaid conundrums!

My best friend from high school is getting married!

Great news and obviously, the duty of Maid of honor has been bestowed upon me… Super excited! Not only because of the wedding but because I know she gets to spend the rest of her life with her dream guy – that God and I personally picked out for her.

Yeah, if I think about it I’m sort of a cupid just cuter and a little but more nosier.

The first time her fiancé asked me for her number back in high school I could not stop smiling… after school I informed her – I am going to give your number to Luke.

With or without her permission I gave the number and just thought that they would be perfect together. However, Luke* took his time like most things in his life, but with my pestering and perseverance… the bitches waited till I graduated to start dating.

And like all romantic comedies the high school sweethearts lived happily ever after…

Okay they are not there yet we still need to plan a wedding.  

After receiving that news, few days later my cousin blew up my phone with an important message she has to deliver in person. I just knew that she got engage but never knew she would asked me to share this amazing experience with her.

And off cause the good person that I am, I said ‘yes I would be your bridesmaid,’

So basically, I have been in a few weddings and still have a few to go and to tell you the truth… it puts a dent in a person’s pocket.

Think about it, it the dress, the shoes, the manicure, the hair and the bridal showers its expensive. If I didn’t love them this much I would not hesitate to say hell no…  

Luckily so far I have been blessed with no bridezillas. These brides are fully aware of the financial obligations and have tried alter their expectations which I personally appreciate.

Despite the high cost, I would not have it any other way.

I love being there for them!

Sharing that special day with my cousin and then my best friend as they start a new chapter in their respective books  are going to be priceless!!!

bridemaid-the-moviepic: bridesmaids the movie


pic: pinterest



My Colorful Day

My friends and I recently attended the Color Run at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town and it was amazing!

It’s known as the Happiest 5k on the planet and indeed it was!

The fact that fitness can be this much fun and enjoyed by so many, gives me hope that one day we will have a world where health is the norm. It is  kids-friendly event, so I advise any parent with a child under the age of 10 to attend because entry is free for kids.

Thank you Cape Town for an amazing day!